Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mid week

Sitting on the deck waiting for the school bus, I noticed Sammy beside me also crosses his legs right over left.  Only he does it a bit more daintily. 

 I think he realized at the same time I did that Georgia wasn't on the bus this afternoon.  He seems able to tell the time perfectly.  He usually turns up on my doorstep about 5 minutes before the bus is due.  When Goergia does not arrive, he hangs around with me.  But he hears the family vehicle coming before I do and by the time I've heard it, he is sitting to attention and the moment the truck turns up the drive, he is off, scampering across the paddock, usually arriving at the house about the same time they do. 

Earlier this afternoon, driving home from work, I was trying to apply my easily distracted mind to how I could capture "Bring on the green" for this Friday's shoot out.   I caught myself thinking all I ever see is green.  Everywhere I look - green.  Once I turn off the highway, it's green all the way.  There was even a tad of negativity about my thoughts.  How could I think living in a green world wasn't a good thing?

So todays shots aren't for Friday they are a tribute to my green world - things I like to see sitting amongst the green.  There's one shed, on a distant hill, that I only catch a glimpse of a couple of times as the road twists and turns.  Today I managed to stop in exactly the right spot to capture it.  It's looks worse for wear through the lens than it does from the road.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that something was being done to this little building where the sheep dog trials take place.  At first I thought maybe it was being pulled down but now it seems it is undergoing repairs.  My guess is it is being spruced up for the 100th Annual Maungakaramea sheep dog trials, which I think will be in around 6 weeks time.   

This little pump shed sits a little below and close to the road, right at the approach of a bridge.  No traffic today, so it was safe to stop.  There's a veggie garden to the left which isn't exactly flourishing at the moment.  Neither are the beans climbing up the netting along its side.

My next shed sits in splendid isolation in a paddock, on a hill and is visible from quite a few spots along the road.

I like how it has been patched and still looks to be waterproof, despite its age.

Close to home, the sheds aren't as appealing or as cared for.


  1. I suppose the thought of 'Form before Beauty' is applicable.

    "Better a pearl with a flaw than a pebble without.
    Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."
    - Confucius

  2. You have an eye - definitely - for the beautiful in the everyday...or in this case, for the yesterday.

  3. Hello Pauline,

    Wow that shed really is getting a makeover, thanks for the green photo's I do appreciate them, I can swap them for a few brown ones if you want!!!
    Happy days.

  4. So it wasn't being pulled down and it looks as though you were right about it being done up for the sheepdog trials. There should be some good photo opportunities there.


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