Friday, March 16, 2012

FSO - Bring on the Green

Let's just sit a while and soak up the green.  We will be joined soon by the rest of the FSO team, probably after they have posted their interpretation of "Bring on the Green" here.


When these bottles, which by happy co-incidence happen to be green, are recycled to hold passionfruit wine, we can soak up some of that, too.  (Not for the faint-hearted, so be warned.)

Or maybe we should wait till after dark and relax under a green light (even if it's white).

Or we could take a trip to a little green bridge.  This is New Zealand's oldest bridge, obviously no longer in use.  I don't know if the fence is to keep the bowlers on their green or others out. 

Or we could stroll around the farm to look at the green crops.

We don't have any little green rest-rooms on the farm.

But I do have a green water tank - lacking in character, though.

And if it's all too much we can recharge our batteries.


  1. I'm overwhelmed by all this greeness. Loved the bottles and the little green bridge... but
    "relax under a green light (even if it's white)." WHAT??
    Oh, I just got it. Green as in efficient and better for the environment. I almost lost a brain cell on that one. LOL!

  2. Same here on the "green lightbulb" just got it. Very creative.

  3. I really like the picture of the green field with the mountains in the background. I don’t know what “greens” they are – spinach, salad? But they sure look appetizing.

  4. These are all great too, Pauline, gosh it's green by you, and in autumn too.

  5. Some of those bottles look suspiciously familiar!

  6. Greeneries with mountains in the background- now that spell perfect to me!

  7. you did great (a usual) with your substitute photos, love the wine bottles shot. and the farm workers restroom.


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