Saturday, March 17, 2012

Whoa, Trigger

Roy Rogers knew when to say, "Whoa, Trigger."  I don't.

I'm sure the same thing happens to others who take part in a weekly blog meme.   You know you don't have the perfect whatever for the topic and go with what you've got, thinking nothing better is going to come along in the time available.

As soon as my daughter-in-law turned into the drive on Friday evening and I saw a little green passenger, I knew I'd jumped the gun with my Bring on the Green post.

Georgia was off to a disco at school, in a St Patrick's Day costume.  They had called in to use my glue gun to stick on the shamrocks.

 Then on Saturday she was once again decked out in green, a dark green this time, playing soccer at school. 

The time for winter sports is fast approaching.  The hot, humid weather seems to be gone.  I mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon around 2 pm, the hottest part of the day - and survived.  I suspect it might have done me in a month or so ago.   Dead heading the dahlias a bit later, I realized all their flowers will be gone soon. 

I will miss the colours of summer.


  1. ha! This was SUCH an easy post for you! A grand daughter in a St Paddy's costume? Soooooooo cute! Perfect. I'm glad I didn't get around to checking until now, otherwise I might have missed this.

  2. Your family knows how to dress up!
    As you deadhead the dahlias and prepare to say goodbye to the warm weather, we are desperate for some sunshine and longing to say goodbye to the cold and damp.

  3. Never mind the green, Pauline, the real thing your Friday only visitors have missed out on is Georgia's beautiful smile!

  4. Bless your lucky charms! Those pics have a swath of green! :-)

  5. Such an enjoyable post with great photos! Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the weekend.

  6. One thing with Georgia is that she's not only photogenic but she loves the limelight. Long may it stay that way ie may she never become a 'teenager'.


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