Sunday, March 11, 2012

Traffic jams

A dull Sunday, drizzly rain - and a new camera that begs to be played with. 

Don't know what I expected to see when I set off for a drive.  Heading to town I was delighted to come upon neighbours causing a traffic jam. 

Coming home, the same neighbours were moving sheep.

Nothing unusual about either of these where I live.  But having to stop to allow a peacock to nonchalantly walk across the road is very unusual.  One of the reasons I wanted this new camera was to get the increased zoom, to get a photo of the usually so elusive peacocks.  They live in the wild and like any other wild birds, are cautious and suspicious of people. This one was further along the road from where I usually see them, so perhaps it doesn't belong to the wild flock. 

Before I went into town I'd gone to do a little job for my son.  The cows were on a little rise above me and were as interested in what I was doing as I was in them.  So I got a few cow portraits.  There's one cow in the herd that always seems to be there every time I point a camera at them.  Sure enough, there she was again.

And she wasn't about to move.

This lovely girl was also striking a pose for me.

 Number three was pretending to ignore me but I know she was aware that I was there.

 Who cares about the rain, the cows don't, so why should I?


  1. Wonderful pics of the peacock. The new camera has come into it's own already!

  2. Oh I've missed reading your posts, Pauline. It should be part of my ritual whether I post or not. I love your stories and pictures.

  3. Looks like the sort of traffic jam I get.

  4. We don't get that sort of traffic jam - worse luck.

  5. Very obliging neighbours you have! :)
    Congratulations on the peacock! I remember your recent comment on GB's photo of them so glad you got a chance so soon with your new camera!

  6. We have wild peacocks out here too - I can hear them in the early morning. Cows, now those we do not have. I'd like to see #3 in person - such a pretty cow.

  7. Love the photo of the sheep. Everyone I know seems to have some sort of totem animal -- mine would have to be the sheep. I have a Sean the Sheep oven timer, sheep salt and pepper shakers, and two (small!) fuzzy sheep statues on my window sill above the computer. And one year, I got my husband to cut out about half a dozen small wooden sheep, which I covered with bits of wool (five white, and one black) and put on my Christmas mantlepiece with a little toy lion, to illustrate that "the lion shall lay down with the lamb." Well, I thought it was clever at the time! LOL


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