Sunday 18 February 2024

A short summer

Gosh, it's been an age since I last posted.   

Autumn will be here in a couple of weeks, this has surely been the shortest summer that I can remember.

I've never before fallen victim to a summer illness and I hope to never do so again.  Since the end of December I've had nearly 2 weeks of being well, the rest of it is a bit of a blur.  My doctor's diagnosis?  A really nasty virus that we don't have a name for right now.  When I haven't been coughing and aching, I've been sleeping.  Apparently, I am "blessed" that I've been able to sleep so much.  All I can say is anyone who doesn't have the natural sleeping abilities I've been given must be awfully tired.

But to look on the bright side I live in a caring community and have had a steady stream of visitors just popping their head around the door to see if I need anything.  And I'm now responding nicely to the third round of antibiotics which although can have some not so nice side effects, have been quite magical as far as I'm concerned.  I even have my voice back and although it is not totally reliable, most of the time it works.

In the midst of my misery (yeah, I know, just slightly over-dramatic!) a dear friend was killed in a tragic car accident, a couple of days before my birthday.  I will miss him.

I'm thankful that I've improved in time to have a trip to Taranaki to spend some time with my grandson while his parents are away.  His father will be in Canada to spend time with his father who is celebrating his 80th birthday and his mother will be on a quick trip to Melbourne.

Roll on autumn, my favourite time of year, when the weather if the most settled, long sunny days and cooler nights.  I'm ready.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better, well enough to travel and spend time with your grandson.
    A shame you've missed one of our better summers though. Take care, Diana.

    1. Thanks, Diana. The weather is still nice here so I'll just have to make the most of what is left of summer. I hear you are in for a cool spell down your way.

  2. Sorry to hear you've been so unwell; I hope you're feeling much better now and will have fun spending time with your grandson.

    1. Hi Monica, One good thing about being ill is how much I appreciate feeling well again. The world is a beautiful place again.

  3. So sorry to hear how sick you have been. I hope this last lot of pills will fix you for good. Yeah roll on Autumn.


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