Sunday, 30 May 2021

Rainy day out

A rainy day in today after a rainy day outing yesterday.  My daughter and I braved the weather to watch the team my son coaches play rugby in Dargaville yesterday.  We thought we'd dodged the rain as we didn't encounter any rain on the drive to Dargaville. but it was just waiting for us, big dark clouds rolling in from the sea.

I do so enjoy attending these games of no frills grassroots rugby.  When I swore years ago that my days of trudging up and down the sideline in the rain were over, I didn't for one moment suspect that after 30 years or so I'd miss it.  I have to admit thermal underwear is warmer now than it used to be - that definitely helps.   I still haven't found the solution to keeping my feet warm, think there is an investment in boots in my near future. 

Regular sideline team supporters and a couple of reserves, keeping their hands warm.

Just a few steps and a few years separate the junior supporter from joining his heroes on the field.

Reminding my daughter that's she missing out on the action by pointing her camera at me.

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Life interrupted

The past month is best forgotten.  I can't remember half of it, so that's easy enough to do.  The good thing about being sick is life feels so good when you're better.  A bonus is having two daughters who are angels in disguise.

Today I'm appreciating the sunshine of a mild winter's day.  OK it's not officially winter but it's been feeling like it.  Last night I did not appreciate the cloud that prevented me from seeing the Super Blood Moon.  Luckily, many others had clear skies and have shared their photos.

Tomorrow I will venture out of the house - the excitement!  I have a new phone and I'm keen to try out its camera.   So far, all I have is this.