Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Patience is a virtue?

They say it is and I've lectured my children on its virtues but sometimes I think it can work against me.  

I've put up with a health concern for nearly a year .  I've mentioned it to my doctor a number of times and his responses have been vague, always suggesting yet another modification to my diet.  A flare up last week had me back in the doctor's office and, at last, some plan (if a bit vague) about getting to the bottom of the problem.

Then on Saturday I wanted to watch the local team's game of rugby.  Usually I walk to the games but felt that was a bit risky if I needed to go home quickly so I drove there and parked my car where I could see most of the field.  I took this photo on my phone as I couldn't see the scoreboard from where I was, then I magnified it.  I left during the second half of the match but felt better again a little later and returned to catch the last minutes of the game.

I love the atmosphere of rural rugby.  During a break in play to attend to an injured player, the opposition players called for someone to bring them a drink of water.  Several lads ran out on to the field carrying water bottles, looking oh so proud of their place in the team.

It was during that afternoon that I decided enough was enough, when my life was being impacted to the extent of not feeling confident about walking to see a footy game, not being able to watch a full game without interruption, something had to be done and I'd have to put my Big Girl Pants on and be demanding.

Luck was on my side, my doctor wasn't available on Tuesday (Monday was a public holiday) and the lady doctor I saw swung into action when I had my little hissy fit.   She promised some answers by the end of the week when several test results will come back.  

Yay!  That's all I say.

I think I've found a new doctor!  I simply do not find it acceptable that I have to throw a wobbly to get attention.  I've had dark thoughts when visiting that doc before, thinking I'll smack him one if he gives me that 'oh you poor thing' look just once more.  I want answers, not sympathy.

On a more cheerful note I reminded myself of my mother when I was feeling really cross.  Mum had seen the same family doctor all her life, he'd seen her through 7 pregnancies and he'd seen all of her offspring many, many times over the years.  Any visit to Dr P always started with a catch up about your social life and the siblings.  Anyway, once when I was home on holidays Mum asked me if I'd drop her off at the doctors and to my consternation directed me to a different practice.  I thought perhaps Dr P had retired but no, Mum explained that every time she visited him, by the time he'd asked how all the children were there was never any time left for her and she was sick of it, she wanted all his attention, not 5 minutes at the end of the visit.  I guess I'm more like Mum than I thought.


  1. Your story illustrates, Pauline, that a good doctor is sometimes hard to find, and when you do hang on to her and cherish the relationship. My family physician retired last year and I have only met her replacement on line, but she seems perfectly competent and Is pleasant. I hope that your new doctor takes very good care of you and that you are able to cheer on the local rugby warriors right down to the last minute of their victory! And walk to the pitch and back too.

    1. Thanks, David. If you'd told me a month ago being able to watch the footy would be a priority I would have laughed but it brings me pleasure in lots of small and different ways. It's one way I can support my son who is the coach when there's very little that is helpful that I can offer these days.

  2. I can relate to this. I still have some things left "open" since last autumn as doctors repeatedly did not get back to me as promised etc. (Like, one dr ordered some tests, I'm not sure to what purpose, and when the results came back, he was no longer there to explain how/if they were relevant or not.) I keep thinking from time to time I should perhaps insist on getting it clarified but with the pandemic and all I've just sighed and left it...

  3. I think I sighed and let it go one time too many, Monica. Hope you make progress with your problem soon.

  4. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and the vague doctor gets replaced.

    There is such a thing as being too patient in some circumstances.

  5. Well put, messymimi. Isn't it annoying, though, that one needs to be a squeaky wheel when it comes to health?

  6. I hope they get it sorted for you. These days it's hard to find a good doctor who cares and listens to you, we don't go often to them but each time it's like we see someone different.

  7. I am glad you have found another doctor who is concerned about your health. I have had similar problems when my doctor retired last year and have had to go to a couple of new ones and like you, I have found one that cares and gets straight down to the problem. I hope you get good results.


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