Friday, March 23, 2012

FSO - Steeples, Spires, Weathervanes

This topic should be right up my street.  Churches have spires and steeples and I spend enough time looking at old churches.  But I wouldn't give a second glance to an impressive cathedral with steeples soaring to the heavens.  My kind of church is small, wooden and humble.

The church which, to my way of thinking, is the most impressive in the north of New Zealand is Our Lady of the Assumption, a prominent landmark on the Hokianga Harbour at Motukaraka.  Built in 1910, its steeple was originally sheathed in copper and resheathed in stainless steel in the 1980s.

It is listed with the NZ Historic Places Trust.


A couple of other steeples seen around the north:

(Ko Te Rau Tau O Kaikohe, 1937)
 (Holy Trinity Church, Pakaraka, 1854)

 Sadly too many churches of the north are falling into disrepair.  The spire on this one looks like it could topple in the not too far distant future.

As this one already has:

That won't happen to the Church of the Epiphany, not far from where I live.  It will be 100 years old in January, 2016, the new roof was completed in 2009 and parishioners are now fundraising for the next project - the renewal of the steeple roof, the cross and the walls.  They hope to have the refurbishment completed for the centenary celebrations.  

As for weather vanes, I guess they come in handy if you are in an unfamiliar area - and you want to go sailing.  Otherwise, to me, they are mostly just an interesting garden feature. This one I find particularly appealing as the dog was crafted to resemble the owner's aging companions.

Others will be posting their steeples, spires and weathervanes here.


  1. Sad to see a spire on the ground. Your recent excursion has proved useful for this one...

  2. I must, I must get my Northland Churches posts done. Every time I see one on your blog it brings back good memories.

  3. I loved the gate into the yard of the Church of the Trinity. I thought of you as I drove home yesterday and passed a white clapboard church - thought I should photograph one or two island churches for day!

  4. It is a shame. These small yet smaller 'Houses of Worship represent the areas historical past. I sure hope church registers and assorted documents have been duplicated and archived for safe keeping.

  5. how did I miss your post when I went down the list on MTFSO? or is it FMTSO? anyway glad I caught you through my Blogger Dashboard. Great photos. Great, big Stone Cathedrals are awe inspiring, but your small wood churches are more beautiful as far as I am concered.
    you might double check to see if your link is there.
    hugs from Brasil

  6. I think the most interesting find is the one on the ground. Sad about the disrepair though.

  7. I love the Church of the Epiphany - there's a sweetness about it.

  8. Such lovely architecture. Such a delight to visit with you today.

  9. The windmill/metal blade thing, does it generate any electricity?

    I have to post the Sky Tower, so proud of it. On Sat, we went down south, it was cloudy on our ay home, and part of the tower as hidden. Pity I didn't have my camera.

    Everyday, as I walk from the staff room to my classroom, I always look at the tower. It is mine!!!!LOL

  10. Beautiful church steeples- great pics today!

  11. Enjoyed this although my eyesight a little blurry at the moment.


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