Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For Abby and Leah

I went to Taranaki and I found a little girl monkey.  No, the little monkey found me.  While I was wandering around waiting for the mountain to come out of hiding behind the clouds, the front gate opened and a little monkey ran in and hugged me around the knees.

If you've never been hugged by a monkey, you simply must go to Taranaki.  I don't know if they are all over the place in Taranaki but there's a place, not far from Inglewood, where I think you might see one from time to time.  The little monkey has a big sister so there are at least two of them.  And Aiden lives there now, so that makes three of them.


If I had a better memory I would remember the name of the place where the two girl monkeys live.  After I have visited that place, I will let you know its name.

You might not think it very strange that there are little monkeys in Taranaki but I got a big surprise because I'd been looking for tigers.

It's a long drive from Auckland to Taranaki and I'd been looking for tigers all the way.  For part of the way we followed this truck with Aiden's bed and toys in it. 

Then we came to the place where I was positive I would spot one.  This sure looks like there could be tigers hiding:

But there's nothing much here for them to eat.  So maybe not.

I wonder, could they live in the icecream scoop hills?

Or maybe just on the other side of this tunnel?

In the end I got dizzy going around all those corners and had to stop looking. 

But when I got to Taranaki I started looking again around Justine's new home.  Just found carrots!

So I gave up.  Next time I am going to look for them up that mountain. 

Or maybe I will just forget about tigers and play with little monkeys.  Monkeys are more fun than tigers, anyway.  Aren't they????


  1. yes, they are, particularly when they run up to and jug you round the knees.

    Lovely photos; if this is where they live then I can only say: lucky monkeys.

  2. Hello Pauline,

    Magnificent photo's. Love those carrots too. They look delicious.

    Only slightly envious of all that green, I must be getting used to it by now!!!!

    Happy days.

  3. What a charming story and these photographs are beautiful. Love the "ice cream scooped hills"
    I think you should be happy with your monkeys and let the big cats stay on the high mountains.(Do you really have tigers there?)
    What a wonderful bunch of CARROTS... I can't grow them here very well. I envy them with their beautiful and productive soil.
    Nice post!

  4. Gorgeous photos Pauline! You must have enjoyed the drive!

  5. What a lovely story, Pauline. That's one of the reasons it's such fun exploring places with you! But In the Naki you were looking for the wrong thing. In the Naki there be dragons. Real dragons. I've met some! Seeing the Matamata van threw me completely for a second, though!


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