Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Mason Daniel

I post so seldom these days I don't even think of myself as a blogger anymore,  For now, I'll continue when I want to record something I might want to remember later.

I'm not likely to forget Mason Daniel although I've yet to meet him.  He is my tiny great-grandson who was born 4 days ago, 9 weeks premature, weighing 1.39 kg (3 lbs 1 oz) with serious heart and chromosome problems.  His time on this earth is limited to days.  

I thought I had good coping strategies for coping with "stuff", hurt and loss but I guess I haven't had enough practise at it.  I'm lousy at it.  I'm sure it would be easier if there were something I could do, if I could somehow help my family get through this horrid time.

I'm consoling myself that looking after the little baby's sister while everyone else in the family is in Auckland to be near the hospital is my contribution.  Little Lexis loves being at my place and I love having her here but playing for hours every day is so tiring!  And I think being tired is not helping me to cope.

My red gloves will never be the same after serving as monster's feet for days.
The little cardigan Lexis is wearing was knitted by my mother for her mother, Krystal.

Tuesday, 6 July 2021


The bubble burst and my sister could not come to visit.  That's my big news from the past few weeks.  We were both a bit sad about that but it will happen, just a bit later than had been planned.  I feel for my son in Brasil and brother in England.  Who knows when they will be able to come for a visit.  My son has a beautiful little girl, 14 months old who he badly wants to introduce to the family.  And we so badly want to meet her, too.

Today Georgia leaves home headed for student life in Dunedin.  She still has that passion for food that she had as a little one when she baked something every time she visited me, which for years was daily.  She's taking that passion into hospitality management.  

Georgia, 2011

We had a lovely family dinner on Sunday night to wish her safe travels and happy days.

Georgia holding my great granddaughter,  Lexis with her sisters Krystal and Shayde.

Now it's little Lexis who likes to use that same whisk (just now realized it is the same one Georgia used) when she makes pancakes when she visits.  Georgia's art work is still on the fridge.  Lexis starts school soon, so I might have to make room for her artistic creations before long.

Lexis, 2021
Time marches on.