Friday, 6 December 2019

Our hairdresser's hands

The little one had been so good enduring her first haircut.  Her great aunt was wielding the scissors, three female relatives looked on, offering encouragement.  Then Lexis momentarily looked alarmed as the hairdresser took her chin in her hands.  And suddenly it wasn't so much about the haircut as having your chin in Leone's hands, something we are all so familiar with.  No other hairdresser holds our chin quite the same as Leone does.  

So Lexis had a new look for the twins' 21st on Saturday night.  

The ladies in the kitchen - the mother, grandmother and godmother.   The men are partner, friend, godfather and father.

The Nannas were invited to speak.  Maternal and paternal grandmothers and dear family friend who the twins have called Nanna all their lives.  We were doing OK until we got distracted and had a bit of a chat instead.  

Someone thought they could be trusted with knives now they are 21.  Lexis isn't so sure.

Hint to photographers.   Always check the background of your image.  


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it was, Adrian. It was cute when the twins and all their friends called me Granny. Now they are all 21 I just feel ancient.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha. Far from it, Tabor. We all have chapters we don't read out loud and the chapters on raising these two are not easy reading.

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  4. But it's so easy to have a bit of a chat, at least for us girls it is.

  5. It looks like quite a party.

    The first time one of mine got a haircut, he started to cry, so i stuffed a sucker in his mouth. As he finished it, i put in another. We called our kids haircuts "five sucker jobs".

  6. That's really funny, messymimi. I was really impressed how good this little one was. Mind you, she was in my house where she feels at home and she loves the hairdresser.


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