Monday, 25 April 2016

Lunch time

I discovered the 'Drafts' button in Blogger dashboard.  I know, I know, it's probably been there all along.  I knew there were a few drafted blog posts sitting there and was surprised when I clicked on the just discovered button that there are 12 of them.  

This one is from about a year ago. 

I had lunch with the ladies from the Tai Chi class, a pleasant, cheerful bunch.

Came home and the cows were being fed the haylage they love. 

Today the cows are in that same paddock opposite my house.  It's getting to the tail end of the milking season.  These girls make up the much reduced herd that is still being milked. 


  1. What lovely cows! How my dad would love to see them!

  2. I do like having cattle around but all I can think about is all the work.

  3. Living in the countryside near animals keeps us in balance.

  4. Watching cows enjoy being themselves is a very restful thing.

  5. Lovely country scene, Pauline!
    I always have a few drafts up my sleeve, just in case!

  6. Lovely to "find" a draft post!
    The girls look happy and they will deserve a well earned break from milking in a couple of weeks.
    I imagine you've been on once a day like a lot of herds through the country this season.
    Thank you for your visit Pauline!


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