Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Regular activities

It must be because I'm retired that I looked forward to the end of the holiday season and the return of normal activities.  I had missed the company of my exercise classmates.  I was going to say I missed the ladies of those classes but a gentleman has recently joined our Tai Chi class and next week it seems another two will be joining us.  Not too sure how I feel about that actually.  I hope it doesn't make any difference to the easy, relaxed atmosphere.

I know I missed the Tai Chi itself.  Don't know how anything that is so easy on the body can be doing me any good!  The hard part is remembering the moves.  If the brain is the only thing that benefits then it's worthwhile doing in my book.  

Last week I had a couple of days at my friends place at Ruakaka with time to wander while she was at work during the day.  Most of the photos I took were from the side of the road althoughI did enjoy a cup of coffee at the marina watching the fishermen preparing to go out fishing.  It was a good day for it.


It doesn't take long for nature to take over when structures are neglected for a while.

Thursday night we attended a function at the Takahiwai Marae to welcome and listen to a talk by a Turkish man who is a tour guide in Turkey.  He spoke on "A Turkish Perspective of WWI at Gallipoli".  I enjoyed it immensely.  I have such warm memories of my trip to Turkey.

Which reminds me that I haven't finished blogging about that.  I will make that my mission over the next week.


  1. Your photos are always so beautiful. The ones that, at first, seem the most ordinary or mundane are always full of things to see - I've missed reading your posts!

  2. I am not retired, but I always enjoy getting back into a regular routine after the holidays. Things can get so hectic during that time.

  3. The run down buildings look so wistful, they make me want to pitch in and start getting them fixed up! Lovely photos.

  4. I love the fishing boats. I could look at them all day. You are in such a pretty spot!

  5. lovely scenery. I especially like the last image.

  6. Hello Pauline,

    Enjoyed seeing the green photo's!

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Everything looks so lovely and at a leisurely pace...that's suits me just fine. :)

    I'm glad the Festive Season is all over, too...although, for me, I kept everything very low key and flew beneath the radar...nothing much different...I fly beneath the radar all the time!

    I hope your back is feeling much better, Pauline.

  8. I would like to start Thai Chi. Love your photos.

  9. While in hospital for my 3 week stay in the Chronic Pain Unit, we did Tai Chi every second day. I loved it. I think it's mostly about body control which is definitely good for your body.
    It's great to catch up with your blog now that the holiday season is over!

  10. It's all looking very green and pleasant.


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