Thursday, 19 March 2015

Up Salmon Road

Salmon Road has been beckoning me for a while now.  Every time I drive past, which I usually do twice a week, I tell myself I'm going to explore its length 'soon'.  One day last week I was in slow traffic when I came to the turnoff, so the decision was easily made to do just that. 

I found gently rolling countryside with occasional harbour views.  Maybe I missed my calling, I sound like a real estate agent.  

Lots of cows in the distance and lots of fences.

The road turns into another that makes a loop back to the highway.

Along this road I found a few fences beneath gum trees.

I'll be linking to Theresa's Good Fences.


  1. Thanks for the change of direction :)
    It's really beautiful there. You described it just perfect :))
    I like these gum trees, don't they have any bark at all?
    And the fences are pretty, too ;)
    Have a beautiful day

    PS: I'm gone for a couple of hours,
    when I get back and add my link
    and don't find your's, then I'll
    add yours, too. :))

  2. Stunning countryside Pauline - it has everything I love. The first image in particular reminds me of areas of the Atherton Tablelands. You can do this more often if you like :)

  3. It's easy to see why this place would be on your mind! So lovely!

  4. love your sweeping valley view Pauline. Reminds me a bit of my Big Valley.

    great fences and oh so many cows.

    all your images are wonderful.

  5. Such lovely places you share with us! Thank you!

  6. truly beautiful rural scenes! lovely! thanks, pauline!

  7. I was just going to say it looks so warm and green there. Then I realized why!

  8. This is some awesome viewing! I love to wander on strange roads and have convinced Hubby that it's a good idea, too!

  9. such a wonderful country. Glad you decided to make the turn. I would like to see it too.

  10. Lovely shots! So calming to look at.

  11. Unlike you to have taken so long to take the opportunity to explore!


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