Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cow shed fences

While I've been out searching for 'new' fences, I'd forgotten about those on my doorstep.  There are many fences at the shed where the cows are milked.  Function comes before form here.

In the next two shots you can barely see the fence railings for the long, recently sprayed grass.  

Close by I found a dead thistle.  It might be dead but those prickles still know how to do their job.

This week I'm travelling to visit my daughter in Taranaki so will schedule this and link to Good Fences when I can. 


  1. mighty good and useful fences. thanks, pauline!

  2. Fine fences, Pauline :)
    But I love the last picture most, it's so beautiful :))
    Have a wonderful time at your daughter!

  3. I agree with Knipsa - that last photo is my favorite, too.

  4. It's good to see working fences like that too. I like the BW shot and the shot of the thistle.

  5. wonderful collection of useful fences. i like the thistle too.

  6. Very useful fences, Pauline! I do love those blue skies!


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