Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Small boats, large boats, new boats

You can see them all at the Town Basin.  Boats large and small.  New and .... hey, wait on, I'm yet to see one I would call an old boat.

This was my favourite last time I was there.  Loved all that highly polished wood.  Must be a nightmare or a real labour of love to keep in tip top condition. 

 We thought this one looked pretty new.

Imagine the fuel bill!

Then a eagle eyed youngster noticed the furniture inside was still in its plastic wrapping and there was more on the outside.

 Boats from far away places:

Couldn't see any sign of where this one came from except for the flag which we didn't recognise.  We had a meal and waited for a breeze to come in and unfurl that flag.

And even then didn't know where it was from.  The waiter said he thought it was from a Scandanavian country  which gave me somewhere to start when I got home and investigated.

Then the camera revealed what my naked eye hadn't noticed.  Yes, it is from Norway.

For me, there is no better place to pass time than at the Town Basin.  And I must admit that sometimes sets me off dreaming. Good dreams, there are never any stormy seas, just endless sunshine and blue ocean. 


  1. We have a harbour/marina with boats from many places, though usually from just along the coast, working boats, pleasure boats also the lifeboat.

    Your photos capture the feel of it all beautifully, especially with the reflections on the water. Looks a great place to while away time.

  2. Something so romantic about places like this, don't you agree? I, too, could spend hours, days, at a place like this, basking in the sun, smelling the air and the water, and just relaxing in the gentle rhythm of the place itself. Very nicely done, Pauline!

  3. We had lunch on Sunday in a restaurant overlooking the Inner Harbour and enjoyed looking at the boats. The big yachts from the US have started to arrive - always a good show!

  4. Beautiful place...full of adventure, yet very serene.

  5. Beautiful images! I'd hate to pay the fuel bill on some of those boats.

  6. I love boats. I love the Town Basin. What more can I say?


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