Thursday, April 5, 2012

A picnic in the paddock

Since Georgia spotted the picnic basket I was given a couple of weeks ago (thank you, Justine), she has been wanting a picnic after school.  Today had been a bit wet in town but obviously not quite so much rain had fallen here and she declared it was a warm afternoon, warm enough if we kept out of the shade.  So today was the day.  

The food we packed wasn't very fancy.  A sandwich Georgia had left over from her school lunch, a crunchy bar, a few crackers and cheese and a glass of milk.

We didn't go far, just out into the paddock beside the house.  Sammy disgraced himself by helping himself to Gerogia's sandwich, plucking it delicately from her fingers.  She half heartedly told him off but he didn't pay much attention, I think he knew she was more amused than annoyed.

Once the food was finished he lay down in the sun beside the basket for a nap while we chatted.

I can't imagine better company for a picnic.  Come to think of it, it wasn't a bad spot either.


  1. I would have taken a nap too! Look at all that green grass.


  2. Sammy looks really contrite.....not! [When did that start? He's happy.....not!. It's silly but so many people say it now.]

    I love the new Uppity Downity header.

  3. Naughty Sammy. He looks like he felt really bad about taking the sandwich. Napping after lunch was all he could do because he felt so awful... Sure!
    Lovely place for a picnic. Glad you had such a nice day.

  4. Such a picture perfect day - absolutely adorable photos, Pauline.


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