Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mellow days

I mustn't spoil my appreciation of this lovely weather by acknowledging that it won't last much longer.  I must not.

Despite summer being a bit of a fizzer it is lingering.  There's a nice chill to the air morning and evening but the days .... oh, the days are sublime. 

In the late afternoons the air is as soft and fresh as my son's new grass.  

The ducks appreciate that grass too.

The days are warm enough for the cattle to seek out the shade of trees. 

This steer seems as mellow as I feel.


  1. Mellow. Hmmm. I just wish that I could get myself out of 'mellow' and get a bit of get up and go. I'm suffering from a severe bout of 'my get up and go got up and went.'

    I love your picture of the steer.

  2. Looking at your pictures make me think how beautiful life is at your place.

    Natural beauty of mother earth is always uplifting my spirits.

  3. Hello Pauline,

    Won't mention the green paddock!!! Love the last picture,straight on was there a fence between you.
    Summer has come back for us 34 here today.

    Happy days.

  4. I so envy where you live Pauline. It is beautiful countryside. I am sure you get tired of hearing this, but I LOVE CATTLE! Especially that last pic :)

  5. The warmth is leaving you and coming here. Spring is in full force.

  6. Gorgeous images Pauline!! I just love the colours.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. The mountains in my post are near Esk (if that helps at all??)


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