Saturday, 28 May 2011

Wearable Arts

Yes, it’s Wearable Arts Competition time again at the school my grand-daughters attend.  They love it.  Krystal had asked could they prepare their costumes at my place this weekend.  I should have asked what she had in mind before I agreed.  And who "they" were. 

I learnt a few years ago when I made three identical flower girl dresses that I hate sewing more than one of the same thing.  Krystal and her girlfriend arrived with a lovely design and they wanted two the same – two like that??   

They picked the wrong grand-mother for that, I’m afraid.  


After much discussion we decided on something a bit more like this:

krys 28 May 2011jacindamay2011

If you ever want twelve years old to stand still, just pop something with lots of pins on their squirming bodies.  

One top is more or less finished, the other will get done tomorrow.  Ever tried sewing with black at night?  I couldn’t do it even when I was young. 

Unfortunately, I suspect what comes next is what they will wear on the bottom half.  

Whatever it is, I’m sure they will have lots of fun making and adding the decorations for the “Music” theme.

I will post about the finished garments in a week or so, maybe sooner, we will see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Well I have to give the girls credit for design and trying. Lucky they have you as a grand-mother!

  2. It looks fabulous to me...they did try their best and that is all the counts!

  3. You are a *STAR* grandmother. So far, not granddaughters in this family, so perhaps I'll be spared sewing. I'm only good for straight seams, whereas I can see that you have mastered much more!

  4. can't wait to see the finished ones!! Well done!! I hate sewing. Sarah x

  5. So you're not going to embroider all the music for them them? ♫

  6. The picture reminds me of my childhood and how my mother, who wrote a craft book, used to get me and my brothers to model her creations


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