Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Slow down

I was half way home from work this afternoon before I realized I was still rushing, driving faster than I needed to.  Once I turn off  at the corner 12 kms up the road, there are no speed signs and I guess it’s an open road speed zone.  But I’d be hard pressed to drive at the open road speed.  No, more than hard pressed, I couldn’t do it.  I’d either end up through a fence or in the creek that runs beside the road for parts of the trip. 

Some of the locals do a bit of low flying along the road and if I see them coming up behind me, I just pull over as soon as I can and let them go.  I’m not the slowest driver to use our road but I’m far from the fastest.

I’ve just remembered there is one road sign.  It’s position always amuses me.


Today I had one of those really busy days doing lots of small tasks, not focusing on anything for more than a few minutes.  That’s not a situation I enjoy these days.  It put me into rushing mode and I forgot to get out of it when I left work.

So there I was rushing along, I came around a corner and saw my favourite tree in full bloom.  And the very sight of it made me think what the hell am I doing?  There’s a beautiful tree to be enjoyed and you’ll just whizz straight past it, you silly woman.  So I stopped, got out of the car, took a few deep breaths and just stood there for a while, noticing for the first time what a lovely day it is.  OK, a bit too windy but the sky is blue, lots of lovely fluffy clouds and the birds are singing. 

There’s my tree, beside the left hand side of the road, just right of centre.  I love this tree, it’s my private “Enjoy life” sign.  19 Oct 2010

Even if I hadn’t stopped for the tree, I would have had to slow down just up the road as a neighbour was moving cows and calves along the road.   A pretty mottley looking herd but a lovely sight all the same.  (I don’t know this neighbour, so I hope he doesn’t know me – surely he will never find my blog!)

moving cows

He saw I was behind him and sent the dog out to make a path for me to pass through but I let him see the camera in my hand and signalled that I was content to follow.  Not far along the road his offsider was waiting on a little hill to warn approaching traffic and to turn the herd into the paddock on the right. 

moving cows 1  Life is good!


  1. It is I really enjoy your drives home. Bet you do too.

  2. What a lovely posting, Pauline. You've reminded me just how manic I get in the run-up to leaving the UK for my time in my NZ home. I shall try and take a leaf out of your book.

    And talking of leaves how wonderful it is to see your countryside so green and fresh. I hope that it stays that way this summer for you all.

    The WV = cowboo - yes, really!!

  3. I had a week of rushing around like that until my back jumped out and let me know I had to slow down. I think a beautiful tree would have been a kinder signal!
    Lovely photos of your neighbour at work - and I hope he doesn't find you - I don't want mine finding my blog!

  4. Oh life is good with scenes like that!

  5. Hello Pauline,

    Life is indeed good, just looking at the green scenery makes me happy.

  6. Such a beautiful countryside! I love that you actually stopped and got out of your car!
    I was pondering the open road speed...on a school bus route, with herds of cows meandering the road, and the little hills and turns that make it impossible to see what's around the corner...yikes!

  7. What are you going to do but slow down and take pictures. Life is short and instead of looking at this as an inconvenience it becomes a small moment of beauty.
    I love the way you see the world....


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