Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back road home

A little Tomtit was fluttering around my car when I went to leave the lodge yesterday.  It's not the first time I've seen this pretty little bird, nor the first time I've tried for a photo.  There is a resident pair that nest around the lodge somewhere.  I got the camera out and sat there but it didn't return.

However, as I drove away another fluttering caught my eye.  I think it was another Tomtit but it was too quick for me.  There had been a shower of rain not long before but the sun had returned and was filtering so prettily through the bush I just had to try to capture it.

You won't often hear people say Ruawai was calling to them.  And I don't know where the idea came from but when I reached home I had a crazy idea that I felt like going to Ruawai.  I had planned on going to the supermarket in Whangarei later in the day.  The supermarket in Dargaville could be on my way to Ruawai, depending on which route I took, so I headed there first.

It was a windy, blustery day, the Northern Wairoa River had its dirty brown churned up look.  You can see my hills of home in the distance.

Ruawai means 'two waters', referring to the Northern Wairoa River and the Kaipara Harbour.  One meets the other around here.  Yesterday, the meeting produced extremely muddy looking water.

Ruawai is a small country town, population around 400, with a surprisingly good local cafe.  Maybe it was the thought of their food that lured me there.  I chose Thai pumpkin soup for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you, The Well Cafe.

From Ruawai I took a cross country, back road home, stopping a few times to take in the view.


  1. I shall have to go and check on my NZ Blog but I'm pretty sure that when you and I were there at The Party i managed a photo of a Tomtit.

    1. Yes, you did, Graham. Not far from where my car was parked on Tuesday. They are said to be territorial, so I wonder if they are from the same family. Gosh, what year was that, anyway?

    2. 2011 Pauline. In fact I can't believe it was that recent. It seems long ago.

  2. That view would call to me once in a while, too!

  3. There was some lovely countryside to be seen along that road but it's very much out of my way to or from anywhere. Nice to do once in a while, though.

  4. The hills are alive...calling, calling out your name! You are a happy wanderer, Pauline and I thank you for taking me with you along on the wander. :)

    I'm about to have tomato-red lentil-carrot soup for my lunch today.

  5. Those views are gorgeous and I love the woods. The lighting is magical. I have places that call me too :)

  6. Oh, I so would love to see your world...beautiful area.

  7. Beautiful country side, and fine use of light in your photos.


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