Saturday, January 9, 2016

It's not the seven year itch

Several things have been keeping me from blogging, mainly the inability to sit for long.  Not because I am fidgety.  My back is the problem, it simply hurts if I sit for any length of time.  I gave thought to giving up the blog altogether but realize it has become a diary of the past seven years of my life.  Yep, my first post was 23 January, 2009.  I've re-looked at my early posts and smiled at some of the memories I found there.  Memories of my much younger grandchildren, the pleasure I've had in watching them grow.  Of places I've been and sights I've seen, the people who have added colour to my life in that time.   

In another seven years how will I remember the day to day events of my current life?  Not very well, I imagine, without a blog.   

How will I be able to remember what year the family camped on the farm, at the dam, for Christmas? 

I didn't take all that many photos of our Christmas adventures.  But the other keen photographers in the family did.  Here is a collection.

Literally camping with the cows.  If you look carefully you will see there is a wire between the cows and the tent.

The young ones enjoyed the water activities

Kids of all ages enjoyed the water slide

 The young and fit set off to climb to the tower on the nearby mountain

Twice we all set off to explore further up the creek.

Wading upstream in the shade of the surrounding forest was the perfect activity during the hottest part of the day.

The aim was to find the waterfall that Heather and I were sure was upstream.  It might not be all that large but we felt quite triumphant when we found it.

Any aches and pains could be washed away in the outside bath.  The water came in alkathene which ran along the top of the grass, heating the water very effectively.

And even as the sun went down there was eel fishing for those with the energy.

Solar powered lights meant we didn't have to spend our nights in the dark.  The moon was full and very bright.

So I can manage a post if I do it in 10-15 minute sittings but I really can't manage sitting long enough to visit other blogs.  I will try but I honestly don't think I can any longer belong to the blogging community I've enjoyed so much.


  1. A good laptop and lots of cushions with your feet up? I couldn't use a desktop computer for same reasons but this solved it for me ...,

  2. Sorry to hear about your back. Fi has good advice. I went to a laptop. It took some convincing I can tell you, but I would never go back now.

    These are great photos and will be more wonderful memories to look back on.

    I started a new blog which you can find here:

  3. This looks a perfect way to spend a holiday.......even better at Christmas.

  4. My sympathy with the back pain. Have you tried a standing computer desk? It helps me. As long as you blog, i'll try to get here and read it, but i really do not expect and demand you have to come read mine in return, especially if you are hurting so.

    That was a lovely outing!

  5. Important perfect memories. Perhaps you can raise your monitor and keyboard for a while and stand while you blog. There are desks that adjust for that.

  6. Keep on blogging. You have many more stories to tell. For example, it's hard to get my head around camping at Christmas.

  7. I've been blogging since January 2009 as well, and I agree the blog(s) is/are a great help to memory. Every now and then I find posts I had completely forgotten about. At other times it serves as a quick way of checking when something happened, or which winters we had a lot of snow (or not) - etc. I do hope you'll be able to keep it up. When I'm too tired (with me it's my neck/shoulder/arm) to use the computer much I still often check some blogs via the Feedly app on my phone - then skipping comments but if there's some special post that strikes my interest I can go back to it later in the bigger format.

  8. Lovely summer holiday snaps. Sorry to hear about the trouble with your back. Even though we would hate to see you go you do what you need to do for your health.


  9. I am sorry that your back hurts...I have wondered if a laptop would help. I sit in my chair with my feet up and my can sit straight.

    Anyway, I did enjoy the pics...wading in the creek looks so much fun.

  10. Hi Pauline...I'd suggest you get a good laptop or notebook, too...then you can lounge to your heart's delight like Cleopatra without hurting your back.

    Your Christmas adventures look wonderful...and so very happy.

    I hope 2016 treats you kindly...and I hope you do keep blogging. You would be missed if you didn't. :)

  11. It is the middle of the night here in Houston, but here I sit with my iPad.....yep went from a desktop and laptop to almost 100% iPad. I also sit too much. i work at a computer, and at night....well life is not very exciting. For low back pain a good stretch every couple of hours. Stand, spread your feet to shoulder width, put your fingertips on your desk and bend at the waste. Dropping your elbows and go down as low as possible....dropping your head down between your arms. Youe should feel the steetch all along you spine and the back of your legs.

    And blogging is a great diary. I say that when I don't write about now, but I follow you and your adventures and derive great pleasure from it.
    Have a great day

    (Can you add the reply function, then I can make comment on someone elses comments. Feels like conversation.)

  12. At least continue to blog the farm and family highlights Pauline, your blog as you say is a wonderful window into your life and what's happened, and its pretty special the way we, from around the world share in so many things of other bloggers. Keep it up. I would miss your posts very much.

  13. Hello Pauline,

    Gorgeous photos of your family and life on the farm. I sympathize with you over the back, having the same problems with base of spine and inflammation, thinking about trying a cortisone injection.

    All the best.

    Happy days.

  14. Looks like alot of fun! Happy New Year :-)

  15. Sorry to hear about your back. It is frustrating when you can't blog. I get the same problem now and then. It is a good way to restore memories, so I hope you can keep going. You can also publish your blog into a book form to keep for memories. Blog2Book is one company. Love your Family camp such an idyllic place.

  16. I really do hope you don't stop blogging! I would miss catching up on your life from across the ocean. I've loved following you since I started blogging back in July 2011.
    I do understand the issue of back pain while sitting, in fact any pain, as I too suffer extreme pain on a daily basis.
    Your family camping holiday looks like a lot of fun! What a lovely place.

  17. I don't know what I was doing to miss this at the time but it sure looks good. Only a couple of weeks and hopefully I'll see for myself.

  18. Bye the way however infrequently you blog please never give up.

  19. Sometimes just finding a reason to blog is what you need to keep going. Congrats on your milestone. It's a shame about your back, I do hope it gets better. I don't know what is causing yours, but I had a back ache and even went to physical therapy but it didn't do much good. Then I decided to try some magnesium supplements (as a tv ad had caught my attention) and it has helped immensely.


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