Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mixed flock

I was feeling quite mellow on Thursday as I drove home.  Over the years I had become so frustrated trying to get photos of the peacocks that live in the wild down along the road a bit, that I'd given up.  In my book there's no point in persisting with something if it's going to upset your day.  I didn't have that attitude when I was younger.  I used to believe low expectations lead to a poor outcome.  I still think that applies to the young but have changed it for myself as I age.  I allow myself to do that.

I saw the peacocks in with the sheep on Thursday and decided to give it another go.  By the time I pulled off the road, I'd lost sight of them.

Ahh, there they are!  Further away than I'd like but I accept that.  I know how skittish they are.  These aren't the elegant, showy birds you see gracefully strutting around the gardens of stately homes.  These guys are wild and are constantly alert for danger. I swear they take flight at the sound of a car slowing down. 

I'm more than happy to get so many of them in the shot. 

While I was in the stopping and starting mood (and there was no traffic at all on the road) I stopped to check on that old barn that stands quite a distance off the road and has been slowing drooping for a couple of years. 

A closer look - and I think it will disappear altogether soon.

One last stop for a shot of the creek where it runs close to the road. 


  1. Hello Pauline, beautiful pictures :)
    If the peacocks live there wild, can
    you find feathers wherever you go?
    Love the picture with the little creek,
    you only look at the creek but get to
    see the beautiful sky and some greens
    around it, too :))
    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Tinna ✐

  2. Nice captures of the fleeting birds. I have only managed to capture wild ones when we were waaaaaaaay out in the country and they were crossing the road.

  3. I did not realize that peacocks could be wild...but when they are part of a farm, they usually run around free, so guess this should come as no surprise. They are stunning birds.

  4. Well done.
    The barn looks one storm away from extinction.

  5. I recall many attempts to photograph the very elusive peacocks. I can't recall whether I ever succeeded.As for that shed it was a favourite of mine. There's something poetic about nature reclaiming it.

  6. Hello Pauline, I love the views of the sheep and the peacocks. We have some around here that are loose sometimes and walk along the road. Have a happy new week ahead!

  7. Sometimes it's kind to ourselves to relax our goals. I do like these photos of the sheep and peacocks.

  8. Good catch on the peacocks! It often happens that after i give up on something, it finally happens.

    As W.C Fields said, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a **** fool about it."

  9. You found Peacocks... wild peacocks. How exciting. I haven't been visiting my favorite blogs lately. I'm reminded why I love yours and the beautiful photos. Your country is so beautiful. Hope all is well.

  10. That's a great shot of the Peacocks... and the sheep.


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