Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Barefoot, bikes and boats

Pam came and went.  Thank heavens she didn't make it as far as my place, tucked as I am half way between two coasts.  I feel so sad when I think of the people in Vanuatu, their life is going to be very hard for quite some time.  

Yesterday afternoon I briefly visited the Town Basin.  The marina looked exactly as it always does although I think there may have been more boats than usual.

 Land and sea transport.  The flag, by the way, is Canadian.

I was looking at the water toys secured to the side of the Breeze when I took this photo.  Now I notice the shoes sitting on the gangway.  A few minutes later it was raining.  Hope they remembered to bring their shoes in. 


  1. Glad to know you got through it. Such storms are not fun.

  2. You show some pretty classy boats.

  3. Time to hit the water! Looks like a great day for it!

  4. Everything looks pretty normal. I hope everyone survived.

  5. Beautiful sunny pictures, Pauline :)
    Over the boats will come next month I guess.
    Glad you made it without any damage!
    Have a beautiful day

  6. Glad the storm did not go your way. Heard about Vanuatu on the news.

  7. It was fortunate that it veered away slightly and lessened in strength. I was expecting horrific tales for HB and they got nothing.


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