Friday, March 20, 2015

A slow walk

It's been ages since I've wandered around the farm with my camera.  It's a bit hard to find something that I haven't seen dozens of times before.  

The old tractor forks caught my eye.  I guess you might call them pallet forks.  They fit on the front of a tractor and, on a farm, are used to pick up and move all sorts of things.  Sometimes they even lift a pallet.

Not far away sits the old roller.  

The weather is on the change.  Cool this morning, warm this afternoon.  What will next week bring?  I'll be heading south to Taranaki and expect it will be a fair bit cooler so methinks the time has come to rat out a few winter clothes.

Having written that sentence I'm reminded of visiting the doctor yesterday.  While he was speaking to me he said,  "The time has come ..."  (You don't need to know the rest.)  I interrupted with a laugh, "said the Walrus, to talk of many things."  Then blathered on about Alice in Wonderland.  Eventually his puzzled expression told me to shut up and listen.    Sometimes it's only later that I realize why I've done something.  I think in that case I really didn't want to hear what he had to say.    But that's another story and, lucky for you, not one I intend to share.


  1. Thanks for the rusty pictures Pauline :))
    Sorry, that I didn't have any rust in my fence post ;)
    I wish you a good time in Taranaki (even with winter clothes;) and I hope it's nothing to really worry about what the doctor said to you.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. now you have stirred up my ultra curiosity bump.. about the doc and what he said. i love your pics today and i would snap myself silly if i had land to wander. i take the same thing over and over but it always looks different

  3. Slow walks are the best kind, especially when you get nice pictures like this.

  4. It's nice to take a second look at things, isn't it?

  5. Walks are such a great to see life around us!

  6. You should wander around the farm more often. You found some interesting images. Cold? You've got to be kidding!

  7. love the rust, and perhaps dear friend if its something to benefit your health..perhaps you should take heed. hope you don't take offense.

  8. A slow wander resulted in some very interesting photos. Thank you for taking that walk. I enjoyed it with you.


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