Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Peace has been restored.  I no longer jump to attention and run out of the house, reaching for a stick to brandish, threatening violence to whichever cat has the chooks sqwarking like crazed banshees.  The chooks now cluck quietly and contentedly.  It appears all feral cats have been dispatched. 

The birds, also, are more relaxed.  The plovers used to send out the first warning that a feline was lurking.  One sqwark from them and the sparrows would take off.    They, too, are now quiet.  And the sparrows?  

This morning, after the fog cleared, something caught my eye in the paddock just on the other side of the fence.  Something was out of place.  Maybe it had just moved and that's what grabbed my attention.  Don't know but I was interested enough to use the zoom on the camera to see what it was.

I thought it was dead and immediately thought the worst - there's still a cat around!  I went over to have a better look.  To see if there had been a struggle, if it had been attacked.  I swear I'm lucky to have survived the fright I got when it did a half somersault and flew off.  I suspect it got quite a scare, too.  Sparrows don't often do half somersaults.

When I let the chooks out of the coop this morning the fog was quite heavy and had fooled them into thinking it was still bedtime and they were all snoozing on their perches.  I thought their body clocks would work better than that.

I like foggy mornings now that I don't have to drive to work in them.  By the time I took this shot I would have already been at work.  I used to guess how thick the fog was by whether I could see the bridge at the bottom of the hill, just down from my driveway.  Not too bad by the time I was out and about but wouldn't have been good earlier on. 

First sign of the coming of the end of summer?


  1. Animals can be a nasty surprise, must have been attacked?? Your fog photos are really beautiful and that is how our winter sometimes starts. Now here in the northern hemisphere we are thinking winter will never end.

  2. Seems funny to hear you talking about the end of summer I guess that's the benefits of following blog from New Zealand.

  3. These are beautiful shots.

    The wee bird looks as if it has flown into a window.

  4. Darn cats...they should all be despatched. Glad its happened near you. Fog makes nice photos. Glad you are enjoying retirement.

  5. I love your pictures of the fog :)
    Have a fine day

  6. The fog pictures of the road make me feel almost as nostalgic as pictures of the Uppity Downities. My first thought was the same as Adrian's about the bird (once you said that it was still alive).

  7. That would have been scary to have the bird fly up at you like that. So glad the cats didn't get it. Hope the Ferals have found a good home though.
    Loved the foggy shots.

  8. I am glad the bird was ok and the cat did not hurt it.. Your foggy scenes are so pretty. Lovely images.. Enjoy your day!


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