Thursday, February 19, 2015


There were gazebos set up at each event but the students still had to stand in the sun waiting their turn to compete and while doing their thing.  Heather and I were in the shade wherever possible or under an unbrella and, bless her heart, Heather had brought along a chair for me.  I had applied sunscreen, too and still I came home a little sunkissed.

Georgia must be exhausted this evening.  She won three of her four races and came second in the other.  She never stops trying and doing her best.  And that competitive streak is a mile wide.  With her skinny arms you wouldn't expect her to excel in throwing events but she came away with two firsts and two seconds in field events, too.   

Krystal isn't blessed with the same natural ability so I'm all admiration when she applies herself and does well, too.   To be honest, a little of her energy goes into ensuring she looks good while she's at it.  

I'm hopeless at action shots and get so caught up in the action that I forget to take photos anyway.  Prefer to look around me at the breaks and lunch time.  

My only half decent action shot is of this little girl, Mia who really captivated me.  She's knee high to a grasshopper, by far the shortest girl in her class, a really tiny little thing.  What she lacks in size she makes up for in spirit.  She did well in all the events and blew me away in the high jump, jumping nearly her own height.  And you should see her smile, it's nearly as big as she is!


  1. Well the shot of Mia throwing the discus is a really good action shot that I'd be happy with if I'd taken it. Grit and determination are probably 90% of success (says I with absolutely no scientific basis for the assertion) but without it one will never get to the top that's for sure.

  2. These pics bring back memories of attending many activities my grandkids were involved in many years ago. They are all grown now, youngest is 16, oldest are almost 23. But I am grateful for that time with them especially now that I live so many miles away from them. I enjoy your photos and admire all that you do in your life.

  3. This sounds like the track meets we used to have here. We had them a few weeks before the end of school. It's hard to get our kids interested in track and field anymore.


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