Sunday, November 9, 2014


I don't think I've posted any photos of Pirininihi on here, maybe I put a couple on Facebook.  When Chris and I were headed to Taranaki in early September we were in no hurry and although the weather wasn't pleasant most of the trip it had cleared when we got to a sign that pointed to White Cliffs Walkway, still some distance short of our destination.  How my daughter who lives in Taranaki hasn't discovered this place is beyond me.  I would have thought every second person she met would have told her to check it out.  I hadn't heard a single thing about it and had driven past the turnoff sign on numerous occasions without any curiousity.

We had no idea what to expect or even if we were on the right track a couple of times.  Eventually we reached a spot where it didn't appear there was anywhere else to go except up a side road to the walkway which a sign declared was closed.  The walkway crosses private land and is closed from 1 July to 30 September so sheep that are lambing will not be disturbed.  I was thinking at the time that I'd come back another time and do the walkway but I've since discovered that the shortest round trip takes up to 5-6hrs and is regarded as suitable for those of above average fitness.  That's definitely not me but I will return at low tide to take a walk along the beach.   It wasn't high tide but it was in enough to make it unwise to venture past the beach entry point.

The cliffs are 245 metres (800 feet) high and are described as 10-million - year-old mudstone.

looking south

looking north

We accessed the beach via the boatramp.  You can't tell by the photo how rough and uneven it was.  It would take a serious tractor to get up and down that ramp towing a boat.

Beside the ramp a pretty little stream ran out from under the hills.

I'm going down to Taranaki with my older daughter to spend Christmas with my younger daughter.  I wonder if I can talk older daughter into a detour?


  1. Well, you could talk me into a detour. This is a very beautiful area.

  2. Retirement suits you. These are beautifully composed and straight. I love this place.

  3. Really lovely area of the world. Great photography as well.

  4. WOW, you could certainly talk me into a detour! HOW gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  5. That's a wonderful spot Pauline, I sure wouldn't want to get stuck with the tide though!
    You will definitely have to take that detour later on.
    That final photo is priceless.

  6. That is gorgeous scenery! Love the surf.

  7. In a heartbeat you could get me there!

  8. What a lovely find Pauline. You really are good at winkling out these finds. I shall miss our annual explore this year.


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