Monday, November 3, 2014

Date and time issue

My computer decided it was 1957 and refused to access anything on the internet, www stuff was out of bounds.  Why it worked at all is beyond me. My technician has no idea why it reset itself to 1957 so there's no way I could figure it out, although  I spent a few weeks trying.   Should have known better, of course, but I kept thinking that if I kept at it long enough I might remember something that was helpful. 

Little did I know in 1957 that one day in the far and distant future I would have a beautiful grandson who would grow be my pride and joy. I blinked, he grew and now he's 21.  These are my two favourite photos from the celebrations.  He knows everyone in the family adores him but looks slightly embarrassed at the sweet things his lovely girlfriend, Rose is saying in her speech. 

A morning after shot with a difference - most guys would have the haircut before the party.  Most guys don't have their mother cut their hair either. 

We had a pretty fierce storm a week or so ago.  One of the victims was my favourite tree.  Luckily no-one was passing under it when it lost a sizable branch.

Last weekend the family attacked the cow shed entrance to the farm which I share.  The yukkas I have removed from my garden came in handy.

I've tried to follow blogs on my little tablet but typing on it really tests my patience.  I will spend some time catching up now.


  1. Look at those gorgeous green rolling hills in the background there you lucky girl!
    What lovely family photos to treasure and cherish, he looks to be a lovely young man Pauline.
    That wild wind really knocks things about - reminds me of the howling and damaging winds in Tas. And it doesn't make farming easy either!
    Glad you've got the computer sorted - 1957!! Fancy that , my birth year!
    Take care Pauline!

  2. I am glad you are sorted or the computer is.

    I love the last picture, Poor girl working so hard to hold the sign up. She must have been exhausted.

  3. Computers are really nasty when they go on strike!!

  4. Welcome back! I hope the computer continues to think and talk to you.

  5. That's a pretty entrance! Sorry your computer went all "catawumpus" on you -- sometimes i think they are totally depraved. Actually, Douglas Adams said it best: We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.

  6. And of course i forgot to mention, that young man looks like he deserves all the good things being said about him!

  7. You have a handsome grandson and I wish him a belated happy birthday. He and Rose are a lovely couple. I enjoyed your other photos too Pauline, a lovely post.

    p.s. sorry for your computer problems too. I know the frustration.

  8. Computers can be a law unto themselves; and usually are. As always your people studies are lovely. Woodlands Dairy? What about "In The Lea of The Upity Downities"?

  9. Great images Pauline!
    You live in a gorgeous area.


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