Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I just have a few snaps from the photo a day challenge I'm doing with my daughter, Justine.   I've surprised myself and managed to take a photo every day to match the topic.  And it's got me thinking a bit, too.  Tomorrow's topic is Alive.  Hopefully, between now and then I can come up with something.  If you have any suggestions, I'd be only too happy to hear them.  Just remember I don't intend to leave the farm to find the subject.  That's definite right now, the weather is appalling, heavy rain and strong winds.

Saturday Topic - On the table
Here's a little experiment Georgia and I carried out on Saturday.  Pour a little milk onto a plate.  Add a few drops of red, yellow and blue food colouring.  Add a couple of drops of dish detergent and watch the pretty colours swirl.  I think it may have worked better had we used full cream milk.  I have no idea why it works.

Sunday Topic - View
The calving for this year has begun, the view is of Shayde checking on the cows that are due to give birth soon (what we call the calving mob).

Monday topic - First
And here's Chocolate, the first calf of the season.

Tuesday topic - I've never
Luckily I cheated just a little and took today's photo late yesterday.  There's certainly no rainbows or pots of gold around today.  My interpretation is that I've never found the pot of gold.

Now, back to pondering - alive, alive ...


  1. It's a beautiful calf. You can get some wonderful effects if you put a pyrex dish on bright wrapping paper, fillit with water and drop some cooking oil in. Open the aperture up f2 or something close then give a stir with your finger and focus on the surface.
    Can't think of anything inspired for alive.

  2. Alive is certainly that chocolate calf. He is all about live moving ahead.

  3. A sweet calf and beautiful rainbow! Alive can be some of the green things that are growing because of all the rain. Still life, maybe, but still alive.

  4. Well done and lovely shots! What a cute calf.

  5. I really love that photo of the little calf, it almost looks like a fawn, it is beautiful.

  6. Calving already: spring really is on the way.


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