Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Portrait of the day

Maybe I should be worried about myself.  I'm starting to find cows' faces as interesting as those of people. 

I've been interested in their backsides for years.  Still trying to get a shot of them with which I am really happy.

 I could probably sit outside with the camera all day today and not get bored.  The sky seems to change every half hour or so.

The rainbow was out when I set out for a walk.  The dark cloud told me when it was time to head for home again. 


  1. Great shots today and i like the processing.

  2. Most animals have interesting faces, if you study them long enough. That's a nice shot of the rainbow!

  3. I love cows faces. They are much more interesting and beautiful than people think.
    I also love the row of backsides. That is a great photo. I think you have succeeded in getting the "winning" photo for a "country fair".
    I would trade you those clouds for all the heat we're having.

  4. You have made those grass munchers come to life!

  5. I haven't quite got to the stage of cow face recognition yet.

  6. You have a GREAT sense of humor, my friend! I would not have thought in a million years to take a picture of cows' backsides! That photo is truly humorous! Thank you for making me laugh. A great start to a beautiful weekend. Have a nice weekend, Pauline.


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