Sunday, May 11, 2014

On Tuesday of last week I posted a photo of a utility box in Waikumete Cemetery which I thought had been painted by artist Paul Walsh.  I know his work appears in Auckland's western suburbs so I guess the one at the top of the road I travel frequently when in Auckland is also his work.  I stopped to take a photo of it before I left Auckland.  

This utility box artwork is a tribute to Oratia which is not far away.  It used to be a fruit growing area, I guess it still is from looking at the painting.

I wouldn't have been responsible for my actions had the despicable creatures who had defaced his work appeared in front of me.  Mr Walsh is not paid for his contribution towards community beautification.  I'm not totally against graffiti on a blank wall and even admire it in places that have been set aside for that purpose.  But this is just tagging and to do this to the artwork of someone who has gifted his work to a community just shows a total lack of respect.  I better stop before I get wound up.


It's been a  beautiful day here today for Mother's Day.  Georgia and her little friend arrived in time for pancakes for breakfast.  I maybe did a bit more of the cooking than they did but what the hell.

They picked a few mushrooms for me on the way here, then after they were fueled by the pancakes, went out into the paddock and picked a heap more. 

Of course, that meant they were then hungry for lunch which they prepared for themselves and took off to have as a picnic. 

After a lot of discussion they packed the mushrooms into bags ranging in size from 100 grams to 500 grams, made a For Sale sign and wanted to sell them at the side of the road.  The reality of the few number of cars that pass by was a set back, but then Heather offered to take them into Maungakaramea and let them sell them on the roadside in the village. 

They were sold out in 8 minutes.  I think there are a number of people enjoying some very cheap mushrooms tonight.

And two happy little girls who feel well rewarded for their efforts.


  1. I agree, it is just mindless vandalism. It's also a shame.

  2. Happy Mother's Day!

    Graffiti makes me so mad i have to stay quiet, too!

  3. I'm with you.To deface someone's art is about as low as you can go.

  4. So happy for the successful mushroom sale! Reading your posts sort of fill me up with the kind of childhood life I would have wanted so desperately. Big sigh.

  5. I hate how tags ruin walls and buildings, and in this case art. It just ruins it for everybody.

  6. It looks like it was a very warm morning judging by the dress Georgia is wearing!


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