Friday, July 5, 2013

FSO - Choices

There's a Creative Fibre Exhibition in town this weekend.  The exhibits of primary schools are attached to lamp posts/trees around town, bright and joyful looking.  I don't envy the person who had to choose the winners.  In the shot below are first and second placegetters.

Not far from that spot is a playground with lots of fun action from which to choose:

Need to choose a dingy?  I don't recommend the one in the foreground:

Some people like others to make the choices for them.

Want to choose a tatoo design?

Me, I'd rather choose a flower from the shop next door.

I think I'm going to have fun choosing the Spotlight photos this week.  Check out the choices of the rest of the team here.


  1. I love those colours of the pictures if tattoo but like you I rather choose the flowers ! and love that quote.

  2. Wow! There's a FAAAAABULOUS array of colours and textures! I've never really been tempted to get a tattoo, but the peacock design is tempting ...

  3. I am like you I prefer to make my own choices. No one else to blame if it is the wrong one. Love the shot of the sinking dinghy. Great colors.

  4. There's always one leaky boat, isn't there? :)

    I would never want to choose a tattoo; imagine picking a permanent alteration to your skin; so much could go wrong.

  5. Ah choices. If only we could foresee the results of our choices. I wonder how many of the scenarios we could foresee we would believe.

  6. I hope it doesn;t rain with the art up the poles.

  7. nice shots for the FSO - interesting the 'creative fiber' displays. I've never seen anything like it. and yes it is hard to be the judge....
    and be forced to make the choice.


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