Saturday, June 29, 2013

My first Portguese word

My younger son has sent a Brazilian charmer to work for my older son and learn about NZ dairying.  Leonardo didn't know that part of the job would be teaching me a few words of Portguese so that I know how to ask for a cup of coffee when I visit Brazil in January.  Have I mentioned that I'm visiting Brazil in January?  I'm sure I've told half the English speaking world, I am so excited about it. 

I now know how to ask for coffee, black, no sugar.  And that's pretty high on my survival list.

What I didn't expect was that my first Portguese word would be 'peacock'.  I'm not too sure how helpful that will be when I get there.    

Over the next few days I will practising 'Please, thank you and cheers'.  What else is important?


  1. Hello Pauline,

    Great to have someone on hand to teach you. You will love Brazil. We have all been singing that Peter Allen song here in Australia, because we are all going to Rio too.
    Hope Leonardo enjoys his time in New Zealand.

    Happy days

  2. Does your younger son live in Brazil? I think that as well as your planned trip has escaped me.

  3. All I know is that Chocolate is Chocolate on Portuguese and cake is bolo. Now could that be useful???
    I'm looking forward to you reporting back to us after you have been there and have no doubt it will be a wonderful time.

  4. With you people skills Pauline you'll get by whatever language you speak! Don't forget your camera and 'Please may I take your photograph?' might be a useful phrase for your portrait shots.

  5. Oooh that sounds like an exciting trip. Looking forward to see your photos. Maybe "Where is the toilet?" would be a good one.

  6. you better brush up on your tango if you're going to Brazil!

  7. I am so sorry I wont be there when you visit. I looked forward to meeting you and taking you to dinner for nearly two years. Money is a Real and plural is Reais. they don't say the R the say it like a little h. so is 'rhey eyes' Sorry to say coffee is always black unless you ask for a latte (same as Italian) and you will find you like the strong coffee with a bit of sugar (a zu kur) So money and menus are important. you wont need to say - where is the restroom - just say toilet? 'toy leT' and look desperate - they will smile and point you the right direction. Brasilians are very polite. If you bump someone you say "des culPe" but if you want to squeeze by you say 'com license' 'com leesence' thank you for a woman is obrigada.... now you will survive.


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