Monday, March 18, 2013

All promise outruns performance

Ralph Waldo Emerson lived to ripe old age so I guess he saw a storm or two that were all promise and no performance.

A few very light showers came in over the mountain but none lingered for longer than a few minutes.

I think it started in the early hours of the morning, was quite promising around 7 am but fizzled to a drizzle, just wet enough to put on a coat but not wet enough to deter young Japanese visitors from trying their first ever horse ride. 


The visitors weren't remotely interested in the weather, probably thought we were all barking mad with our preoccupation with it, if they understood what we were talking about, that is.  

They were enchanted with the animals around the place. Sammy fell in love.  That cat waiting her turn in that lap, is a proper nut case.  It follows the kids around like a puppy, followed the girls home after they'd visitied. 

It's followed me when I've gone for a walk in the past but usually doesn't go past the cow shed.  On Saturday, though, it came with us when we went for a walk down to the creek.  There wasn't much water but there is still a trickle coming down out of the mountain.

First time I've ever seen a cat drinking water from a creek:

This morning it followed the girls down to the road where they catch the school bus.  Don't know if it went home in the meantime but it was there again waiting with Sammy when the bus returned this afternoon. 


  1. May the rain come soon.
    Your title sums me up perfectly.

  2. Yes, you have missed the rains. Today we have a late spring snow!

  3. I certainly know what it is to be preoccupied by the rain/lack of rain. I hope it comes soon!

  4. Maybe that cat wants a new family to adopt him.

  5. Wish I could tell the snowstorm that is threatening us tomorrow to take an entirely different direction and go water New Zealand!

  6. That's the type of weather we've been getting all winter. It'll rain or snow for maybe a minute and a half and then quit.

    Glad your Japanese visitors had fun!

  7. We had a bit more than that during the night and this afternoon we've had a few decent showers but it's going to take a lot more than that which we have had so far to alleviate the problems.

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