Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The long way

I've been known to take the long way home on many occasions.  But I never take the long way to work.  Not unless there are policemen standing beside police cars with flashing lights, indicating all traffic turn off the main road and take a back road to town.  The detour added about half an hour to my trip.  I will go that way home from work soon - I saw a neat old barn and an 'interesting' letter box I'd like to photograph. 

I was tempted to take the photos this morning but I had an impatient person in the car behind me and got tooted at when I stopped to take this shot.  See that huge gap I allowed to develop while I raised the camera?  And I don't think that line of traffic was about to take off at speed. 

But I figured the driver was a bit stressed about taking the long way to town.  By the time we reached this point, we would have been in town for about 15-20 minutes had the road not been closed.  Maybe they had a pressing appointment, maybe their boss would not appreciate them being so late arriving at work.  Who knows.  But that horn toot told me I wouldn't be helping their mood if I stopped again, so I played nice.

Anyway, I was still in a good mood from a pleasant experience I had yesterday.  I was filling time before joining colleagues for drinks after work and went for a drive to see if I could get a photo of my favourite restaurant from the far side of the marina.  But there were no stopping places anywhere along the road, except for a bus bay.  So I quickly pulled into it and jumped out of the car as quickly as I could to grab a few shots.  I was just about to get back into the car when the sail shaped roof of the Artisans Market caught my eye, so I took this shot.  

Now the funny bit.

I was about to drive away when I noticed a man running along the marina walkway towards me and I could see he was trying to catch my attention.  I waited and even wound down the car window so he could talk to me.  He asked what had I been taking a photo of but before I could answer said my name and then repeated it with my surname (in case I didn't believe him at first?)  I was taken aback, half way through saying 'the boats' before acknowledging that yes I was me.  I was thinking more along the lines of how the hell does this guy know my name than this guy knows me.  Of course, he quickly said who he was and I couldn't believe that he had recognized me.  He went to school with my children, was in my oldest daughter's class I think and I don't think I've seen him since they left school and that's more than 25 years ago.   

I just had to ask why he wanted to know what I was taking photos of.  And laughed when he said that truck parked on the grass verge in front of me was his and he thought I was a parking inspector taking photos as evidence of his illegal parking. 

So, young Greg, here's the photo and not a truck in sight.


  1. Hello Pauline,

    Amazing who you meet out there. Hope Greg reads your blog.

    Happy days.

  2. You really do manage to get into some odd situations one way and another.

  3. Haha!!! I love this, Pauline!! :)


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