Friday, October 12, 2012

FSO - Someplace Yummy

I went looking for someplace yummy!  Found a few, too.  Next time I will go at a meal time.

 It was too late for lunch here:

And too early for dinner here:

or here:

 The right time of day for sitting in the sun with a sweet treat.

When children do the baking,  my favourite someplace yummy is my very own kitchen :

For Aiden there is no place like his very own high chair and his very own spoon.

Summer is coming, soon it will be time for showdays and fairs - and sausage sizzles:

 I love food but this week I will be happy looking at it and other someplace yummies.  They will be here.  Have a look, or better still, join in the fun. 


  1. A fun post Pauline and those cuties are adorable!

  2. Kids are easier to please with home-cooked meals, they will eat anything.

  3. Aiden is so good looking. His eyes is so attractive.

  4. Reva's: I will always remember it fondly as the first place I ever had a coffee in Whangerei. I didn't go to an A & P show last year. I used to take the children and it was much more fun than going with adults!

  5. I am like GB our Arts and Crafts Fair is this weekend but it is not fun like it used to be with the kiddos. I do like to do and pick up ideas for crafts and things I might do myself. Great photos and Aiden is a cutie.

  6. I loved baking with my mom. Best time of the day.

  7. A great post, Pauline!! I love the look of those "some place yummies"!!

  8. Aiden is adorable! Looks like he's having fun with his food:)
    Interesting stories you always have!


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