Sunday, July 22, 2012

Always one opportunist

It's been one of those days when I look out and see my son and daughter-in-law trudging around in the cold and driving rain and think, "Who'd be a farmer?"  I see them riding the quad bikes standing rather than sitting (to keep bums dry), heads down and shoulders hunched and hope they can see where they are going.  While I sit inside warm and dry, reading a book. 

Most of the time the cows don't seem to mind the rain but today even some of them are seeking shelter.  One opportunist has decided there's not much grass under that tree, she will eat the tree instead.

Hope it's a bit better tomorrow.


  1. Has been a very wet Winter in our parts Pauline, which is highly unusual for us. I'm grateful we don't have milking cows, though do feed animals twice a day, never fun in the rain. Really feel for your family.

  2. What a life - no images of bucolic countryside and fields waving in the sunshine. A farmer's life is hard, no doubt!
    I hope there was a hot cup of tea waiting for your son and DIL when they came in!

  3. I'm sure that when I was young and thought the idea of a rural life was wonderful I was still too much of a realist to think of becoming a farmer. Hard work I can (could) cope with but there's so much more that everyone who drinks their milk should be grateful for.


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