Monday, April 9, 2012


 May the road rise up to meet you, 

may the wind be ever at your back.  

May the sun shine warm upon your face 

and the rain fall softly on your field.  

And until we meet again, 

May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.


There are several Irish Blessings I love and this is probably my favourite.  I remember it rocketing around in my head when Bernie set out on his first overseas adventure.  Many years later, here it is back again as my precious oldest grandson is heading to Brazil to join his Uncle Bernie for nine months.  


On Saturday we went down to Auckland to join in Michael's farewell festivities.  He had a great night with his family and friends - and what a lovely bunch of friends they are.  After we went back to Leone's they kept us entertained till the early hours.

There was a second reason for the trip.  Krystal and Georgia were flying off on Sunday with Jami to spend a few days with Justine and Bill in Tarananki.  As Michael flies out on Thursday, Sunday was the day Jami had to say goodbye to her adored big brother - but not before they had one last photo together.  How she will miss him.  Actually, as I run through my mind, all those who I know will miss him, it adds up to quite a number. 

A few minutes later I captured Michael's glance towards Jami, as he got into his car to drive away with his lovely girlfriend, Rose.  I think there is emotion lurking there behind those beautiful blue eyes. 

I don't know if everyone does this but I imagine other people do it, too.  When I think of my loved ones I add my own little pet name for them.  Michael has always been, "My Michael, beautiful boy" or "My Michael, my delight". To me he's always been beautiful and delightful.  I accept that he's given his mother cause to worry from time to time but, hey, he's a teenager and I don't think any parent of a teenager has it easy.   He was born with a lovely nature and has always seemed wise beyond his years, especially when it comes to getting along with people.

And after he'd gone here was Krystal showing Georgia her shots of Michael.  But she looks a little too dejected to be interested. 

I felt the same.  I've waved off my own children as they set off on adventures with a strange mixture of happiness at the thought of the wonders that they might experience and sadness for myself.  But never when they were quite so young.  This time I have an extra heaviness as I would like to be able to lighten my daughter's sadness but know there is no way I can do that.  I know she lets him go willingly and with the knowledge she has raised a wonderful young man.  And that she trusts her brother to keep him from harm in a foreign country.  Bernie knows he will never be allowed back in the country again if anything happens to her beautiful boy!

A few hours later the three girls set off for their own little adventure in Taranaki, with barely a backward glance.   

Jami and Krystal are 13 now.  To think in five years ..... No, I can't go there quite yet.


  1. Phew. That's an emotional post by any standards and to see the girls like that and particularly wee Giorgia looking so independent is just amazing. They grow up so so quickly. In fact they seem to be growing up fast than mine did at that age. Or is it just me getting older?

  2. Pauline - this is such a touching post. I hope that there will be nothing but good things ahead for your special grandson.

  3. You put into words everything I feel as my son tours Europe alone.....
    I am sure Michael will return as a more grown up but still lovely young man.
    I expect Alex will too, but I still miss him.

  4. You have such a wonderful family Pauline. I am sure everyone will be just fine!

  5. A lovely photo of Jamie and Michael together. May all their journeyings be exciting for all the best reasons.

  6. Goodbyes are always hard.

    Beautiful images af your loved ones. It's lovely for Michael to have the opportunity to travel... with the way young ones use technology these days, I'm sure you will be in contact often to hear of his adventures. :)


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