Monday, February 6, 2012

Aiden's 1st

The birthday boy gets to have all the fun.  The little girls get to do all the pushing...

And shoving...

and falling over...

Bailey didn't seem to mind that Georgia's gift to Aiden didn't move, the steering wheel did!

Thanks, Justine and Bill, it was a lovely party.

And the cake?   That was a masterpiece!  How did I ever get to have such a talented daughter?


  1. I'm glad you recorded this. A happy start to my week.

  2. A year old? Already? The year has slid by on me!
    The party looks like a good one - love the girls pushing the wee car.

  3. That was the fastest year I've ever known! Great cake and, as always, super photos.

  4. I hope the Lindauer wasn't all drunk by Aiden. Perhaps that was why the girls kept falling down!

  5. great family photos. I took note of the champaign for Aiden... and artistic talent runs in families.... passed down from mother to daughter and all.

  6. So one car for driving and an extra for just sitting in. Lucky boy! Seems like everyone had a really good time.


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