Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter to the girls

I've been looking after your animals.  But I haven't seen Fiji since you left!  Maybe it was her who is responsible for this I found on the deck this afternoon.

Or maybe it was young Mother Cat teaching her babies how to hunt.  The way they gobble their food, you'd think they haven't been fed for weeks!  They get their food everywhere but always clean up their mess.

I went up to the house early today because I could hear Mini crying out.  She didn't sound happy.  And no wonder!  She'd jumped on and off the trampoline so much, she'd shortened her chain to the point she could hardly move.  But she perked up as soon as I moved her to fresh grass and the shade of a tree.  Hope that tree isn't important to your mum.  She might be cross with me!

Georgia, Franklin is happy.  Well, I think he is.  It's a bit hard to tell with a turtle!

Jack and Roxy?  They're OK.  Jack only cares about his food, and I suppose he's enjoying his holiday from farm work.

I think Roxy is OK, too.  What do you think?

Have I forgotten anyone?  Ah yes, the lamb.  I know it looks after itself but its there and looking fine.  And, really, we are going to have to start calling it a sheep!

See you all soon.  Can't wait!


  1. The feather photo ought to get their attention!

  2. I just hope that you checked their pet parrot.
    Great shots.

  3. This looks like fun except for the feathers.
    Great photos, especially the close up of the dog.

  4. Hello Pauline,

    You have got a variety of animals to feed and check on. Would love to own Franklin.
    Happy days.

  5. How come I missed this? Well I did. Just love Franklin although why one would keep a turtle rather puzzles me.


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