Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grew like Topsy

It's not Uncle Tom's Cabin but with Georgia in charge of ideas for a birthday present for her little cousin who will be a whole year old in a couple of days,  the phrase "grew like Topsy" comes to mind.

The original plan was to make a little car out of an ice cream stick I'd saved and thrown into the box of "stuff" she uses when she is being creative. 
She gets an idea and expands on it. Half a day later we end up with this:

Her ideas are gettting harder and harder for me to help her implement.  We had to call upon her father for assistance with the steering wheel rod.  

I've tried and tried to convince her that if we cut the bottom out of the box so Aiden can walk around in it (when he starts to walk which he is close to doing) that it won't hold it's shape.  I say she can stick them on to the side, she says they must go round and round.  During the standoff she got busy and made the wheels and now they sit beside the car while she waits for me to "think harder" and come up with a solution. It wasn't until she was nearly finished that I noticed she had raided by sewing box!

That was yesterday, and somehow somewhere along the line I hurt my back.  So she's going easy on me today.  We've made cookies because I feel more at ease standing and walking, we've been for a walk and when we got home she announced she was a bit tired.  But does she lay down and have a nap?  No!  She sits and picks up her ideas book  - and I have a sneaking suspicion something is brewing in that little blonde head of hers.  


  1. So sorry to hear that your back has gone again.

    Keeping up with Georgia definitely seems to be getting more and more challenging. Good luck!

  2. Poor you - a sore back is no fun at all!
    You are quite an extraordinary grandmother with quite a creative granddaughter!

  3. I bet you're secretly pleased. She shows great promise and nothing will hold her back.

    Hope your back is better soon.

  4. "a little car out of an ice cream stick" ?! sorry, after reading the whole post I find myself still stuck at the original idea! (LOL) I love that last picture taken from behind!

  5. She sounds delightful with a wonderful creative mind!

  6. With your sore back, I take it you won't be marching for the Zion Lion park today?


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