Sunday, January 22, 2012


Some sayings live on and on.  Someone in my childhood, it may have been my grandmother, said to me, "The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude."  It didn't change my attitude towards picking potatoes but I remembered it.  And I heard it again yesterday.  In my head, that is.  All a bit silly really as cows don't understand my mind talk.  

It wasn't a bad attitude day, I was full of the joys of summer as I took my walk.  And I had no intention of upsetting anyone or anything.  The other cows I disturbed while they were scoffing their feed either ignored me or shifted their position so I wouldn't get too close.  This beauty usually stands out in the crowd because of her colouring but yesterday she also took a different attitude.  While her mates ignored me, she flicked her ears, stood her ground and definitely gave me some attitude.  

Today didn't start out too well weather wise, overcast and gentle rain.  Should I have been able to predict that from the sunset last night?   A light wind has blown the dark clouds away, replacing them with the white fluffies, the sun is shining again. 

Every evening for nearly a week I've been drawn outside by the sunsets.  They aren't dramatic; to me they seem mellow and placid, Mother Nature smiling softly.

All these are taken just outside my house or a little along the track.  I must walk further, to get past that scraggy tree in future.


  1. I love a sunset photo. I think it's because we are deep in the woods and don't have a distant enough view to see a real sunset.
    That cow - the look in her eyes says it all. She wants no part of you and your camera!

  2. Gosh that cow looks cross!

    I feel in tune with mellow sunsets. Dramatic ones may impress but soft ones soothe. I like the tree there by the way.

  3. Some women take PMS harder than others. Poor thing. She does look like she's having a bad day.
    Lovely photos as always.
    (I did a post on cows today too.)

  4. Ms. Moo'd is reading your mind as she casts one ear forward. Her pensive look is to fool some. If she was alone, she'd probably tell you to moo've along and enjoy each and every moment throughout the day.

  5. Lovely sunsets.
    The cows are all in here.Far too wet to put them out. The ground is like a paddy field. At least Miss Hissy is clean and smart.

  6. What do you mean 'not dramatic'. what do you want, grey in grey tones? Come over here, then.

  7. "The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude." Wise words but so hard to live up to.


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