Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy fingers

Progress has been made on costumes for the school Wearable Arts competition.  Krystal and her friend’s identical tops are still identical at this stage. 

 Luckily all the glue you can see below dried out clear.   Working with glue turned out a lot less hazardous than with the hot glue gun.

 Now it’s up to the young designers to decide what else to add to their garments.

I also did a little sewing on my other grand-daughter’s friend’s long gown.   She didn’t end up with exactly what she wanted, no way was I agreeing to having anything to do with a 12 year old wearing a tight, slinky dress, but she was happy with the result.

My daughter-in-law is a saint, she has paid for all the materials in the girls’ outfits.  And, no doubt, found a few grey hairs after a weekend of four 12 years olds and Georgia all wanting their costumes made.  


  1. You are a sainted grandmother - and a talented one. I hope we'll see photos of the finished costumes.

  2. I was just going to say that your daughter-in-law doesn't sound like the only saint! In the Hebrides we have a saying that old age doesn't come alone. Neither does being a grand-mother apparently!

  3. Well done!
    That looks great! Glad there are satisfied customers! You are the perfect Nan (next to me, of course!!)
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Thanks for coming to my blog a while back. I went on a trip shortly afterwards and could not make it to your blog. I read several of your posts and find your blog delightful.
    You have a large family. My mother was an only child, my father had one sister who lived in Egypt and I was brought up alone. Now when I go back home to France I only have one cousin (her grandfather was the brother of my grandmother.) I have two grandsons (4 and 2) and we are expecting another grandson in July – sewing with them would not be as much fun as sewing for girls I imagine.
    Your area is beautiful – I love the mountains. I have never been to New Zealand but it’s on my list. Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving a comment. Please come back anytime you wish.

  5. The award for Grandmother of the weeks goes to Pauline. I think you have started something here Pauline,soon you will be making them for the whole school!!!!
    Happy sewing.

  6. Pauline - I think you're the saint to be helping the girls with their designs but I can tell you're really enjoying the process and that the girls are too. What a terrific idea. It sounds like this happens every year. Good luck to them all!

  7. It is fun to be following along on the progress of the girl's outfits. I am really looking forward to the final modeling session.


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