Monday, April 18, 2011

Just a taster

Right now we are being dished out a taste of winter weather ahead.  About half an hour ago I decided to give up trying to convince myself it was too early in the season to don the fleecy trackies and changed out of my three quarter length cotton pants.  When that wasn’t enough to warm me up, I gave in and turned on the heater. 

Squally bursts are sending the rain horizontally across the paddocks, a cold south-westerly wind is buffeting the house.  I imagine I’m lucky not to be living in an exposed area.  All the same, I’m glad it’s not me in the cowshed milking the cows.  Who’d be a farmer in weather like this?

The Met Service has a Severe Weather Watch out for this area. Gusts of up to 110 km/hr are likely. 
I’m one of the few people who think the Met Service does a pretty good job in predicting the weather.   After all New Zealand is a very small bit of land out in the middle of a very large ocean.  To me it seems it must be like trying to predict the weather for a large ocean liner. 

I find it re-assuring to know that:
“MetService forecasters will continue to monitor the situation and advise people in these areas to remain up to date with the latest forecasts in case a full warning becomes necessary.”

Now I’m thinking what do I have to do at work tomorrow?  Will I be able to do it from home if there are trees across the road in the morning?  Yeah, I think so, as long as the power and phone lines don’t go down.

Oh, and it isn’t just the farmers who have my sympathy.  Today is the first day of the school holidays.  I know other children aren’t all the same as mine were but if there was one thing that didn’t go down well with my lot during the holidays it was being cooped up inside. 

Me, I don’t mind so much any more.


  1. Hello Pauline,

    Enjoy the fire, it has been cloudy here all day. I measured a huge .75mls of rain in the gauge this morning. Just enough to bring out the snails. School holidays, I am sure you have had some little visitors by now.
    Happy days.

  2. Good luck i hope nothing too severe occurs. It's nice here, bit cloudy but fine and dry. Thought you'd like to know.

  3. This morning the rain hit us here in Hawkes Bay and the winds are now pretty strong this evening. It'll all be gone by tomorrow though! How's that for optimism, a reliance on MetService and a need to play the final of the Club Championship! But today I spent tucked up and cosy in The Cottage.

  4. It seems so odd that we are waiting for early summer and you are going into your winter. It reminds me how far we are from each other.
    I find this so interesting. Reading your blog is like this amazingly different experience. It takes me to another part of the world.
    I hope to see it someday.
    Now, go put your long pants on and I will go look for my short ones.

  5. I think as children we all hated being stuck inside, but as adults...we take it as an opportunity to relax.


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