Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Changing light after the rain

We've had heavy rain today.  It seems strange to not know how bad the flooding is down our road, to be living in a place where flooding is not on the radar.  But I still have an interest in how much water is flowing down out of the mountains as there is a little stream at the foot of the garden here where I am staying.   When the rain stopped around 5.30 pm I went for a stroll to check out the waterfall.

The easiest to access waterfall is a pretty spot.  I took the photo above last weekend and the one below this evening.  There's a marked difference in the amount and colour of the water.

I've been watching a little tree in the garden, wondering what it is, the buds seem to grow each day.  Spring is approaching and I look forward to seeing it burst into life. 

I took this next photo within minutes and noticed how dark the sky was becoming.  More rain on the way I thought.

But when I looked off to the east a weak sun was touching the top of a distant hill.

Aha, I thought, the rain has gone.  But, as if to say, make up your mind the sky to the west, in the next few minutes, just before dark descended looked like this:

Guess I will have to check the weather forecast, I'm confused.


  1. These are a fantastic series of photographs. New camera or have you been cheating and taking lessons or practising? Either way congratulations.

  2. Great photo's Pauline,Lucky to have such a beautiful area to live in. If there is too much rain blow it back this way.The weather people never get it right just look at nature to see if it's going to rain. The birds fly down lower.
    Happy days.

  3. Ah. Thanks Bev. I wondered why birds here on Lewis never fly more than 3 feet from the ground even when it's sunny!

    The photos and the series shown are wonderful, Pauline. People who see no water and don't have big skies are so unlucky. Or is it the reverse and those of us that do are blessed (metaphorically speaking).

  4. Wonderful sky you have down (over?) there. No sign of rain here - probably not until fall. We go from rain to drought very quickly - it's just a big rock we live on and it all rolls off - and then in October the ponds overflow.

  5. Glad to see u in my place.
    what stunning images,
    the nature, the waterfalls, the trees...

    very enjoyable post.
    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Those are some gorgeous shots. I've always loved the look of creeks with moss-covered boulders.

  7. Beautiful photos of the beautiful country you are blessed to live in.

  8. Wow, the creek sure rose in such a short time. I suppose the wetlands below the falls are really sodden. The time before sunset last night had the most beautiful sky I have seen for some time. The light was awesome.

  9. Oh wow! More waterfall pics! -oh happy sigh-

    And look at that photo, with the sun just touching the tops of the green, green hills. -more happy sighs- Your country IS so beautiful!

  10. Hi, I'm here from Aunt Amelia's site... She recommended that I check out this waterfall... Glad I did... It is gorgeous. My hubby and I collect waterfalls....Wish I could see this one --and your country--in person...

    Thanks for the pictures.

  11. Hi, I caught your blog from a comment on Betsy blog, and when I saw the word "Waterfall" I knew I needed to check out your blog! Beautiful! I have been to Australia twice now and have hiked to some beautiful waterfalls. Springbrook Falls in Queensland. I do have some stories on my blog. Following you now, hope you stop by!


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