Wednesday, July 7, 2010


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Kohukohu is a delightful little town on the banks of the Hokianga Harbour.

According to legend, the history of Kohukohu begins with a visit from Kupe on his return voyage to Hawaiiki. Angry at the food from the hangi being insufficiently cooked, he cursed those responsible using the word "kohu". Hence Kohukohu.  The word "kohu" also has two other meanings - "misty" and "basin". As misty mornings promise a lovely day, this is my preferred meaning.

The first recorded European to enter the Hokianga Harbour arrived in 1819. By the 1830's the area was the heart of New Zealand's timber industry- the harbour was a busy port with often seven vessels tied up at once.

For nearly one hundred years Kohukohu was an important milling town.  Over the decades, a number of Kohukohu's commercial buildings have been lost to fire, but fortunately many historic and attractive buildings remain on the hillsides overlooking the harbour.

Kohukohu's people, buildings and beautiful setting make it an ideal place to appreciate the warmth and charm of small town New Zealand.

Oh, and coffee at the Waterline Cafe, built out over the harbour - another legend!


  1. Pauline, your 'collage things' are wonderful - clever you! And there's my little house for sale, although on reflection I don't think it would get any afternoon sun in the winter. May have to go for one up on the hillside!

  2. Ah, this delightful place certainly deserves a legend! I love the little houses and that beautiful deck.

  3. What a pretty little place - there's something about it that reminds me of Key West, Florida. The mosaic enlarged beautifully - fun to look at the town and architecture.

  4. That's a 'must go to' place, Pauline. I am really enjoying your new, increased blog output.


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