Monday, May 24, 2010

Heavy rain warning

We’ve had some lovely rain lately.  It’s been particularly heavy at night and isn’t that just how it should be? During the days the showers are heavy from time to time but don’t last long. 
Today at work I attended a Powhiri (Maori welcome) for a new staff member and one speaker commented that he hoped the rain outside did nothing to dampen the warm welcome being offered.  I’ve heard rain explained as the tears on the ancestors giving blessing on the proceedings below but this gentlemen said it was the tears of the Father (the sky) giving nourishment to Mother Earth below.  And rarely has such nourishment been so gladly received (after our recent drought).
We had a real downpour last night and there is a Heavy Rain Warning out for tonight.  I live in an area that is prone to flooding so was interested in the height of the creek on my way home from work.  I was surprised how much it had risen during the day, there didn’t seem to be that much rain!  But when the rain falls up in the mountains, all the little streams rush down into our normally quite small creek and the little creek was no longer so little. 
This little bridge which leads to a local farm always gives me a smile when it becomes the bridge to nowhere:24may2010bridge
In one place the creek was starting to spill across the road so I’m guessing tomorrow I will be going to and from work around the hill country at the back of the farm.  It takes a lot longer but I had a nasty experience with flood water a couple of years ago, an experience I do not want to repeat.


  1. I guess you wouldn't want a repeat of that. The creek actually looks quite dangerous even now, before your heavy rain.

  2. Gosh. I find it quite hard to relate the almost stagnant waters I saw to this. If you hadn't pointed the places out to me I'd have been rather nonplussed.

  3. As a desert dweller I understand how welcoming a good rain can be, so I say "enjoy it while it lasts"!

  4. The Island is just a giant rock and in the summer it bakes - the first rains can turn quickly into flash floods when the earth is too hard and dry to take in the moisture. Take care!

  5. I agree with Barry - no repeat. On the flip side, great photos.

  6. The second shot is or could be great. if you can get rid of the road signs and boost the contrast a bit.


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