Friday, May 14, 2010

Dark Side of Town

If there is a dark side of town I don’t know where it is. 

And I’m not sure I want to find out.

When evening shadows fall gently across the landscape
evening shadowsb&w

And the sun says goodbye for the day
nearly dark

Who knows what spirits may be released

What long forgotten souls may come out to play

to peep up through the leaves deceased
moon peeping

to watch the night creatures dance with the moon
shows on the moon

Nah, not for me.   
I need four walls and a safe room.        
behind windows

Hah!  I’m lousy at rhymes but I did have fun with that.

Thank you, NanU, for the topic.  I’m looking forward to seeing the french dark side of town.  To check out the rest of the team and their take just go here.


  1. Eerie and lovely, Pauline. It is all soft, dark, and gorgeous.

  2. you were brave to go to the cemetery at Night.

    My take for this week is real darkness, not spooy darkness.

  3. You give me the shivers, Pauline, with your graveyard photos, and the moon! Great shootout!

  4. Spooky. That broken grave is haunting!

  5. Beautifully done, Pauline. Eerie for sure and very well written.

    Me, I want four walls and a safe room too.

  6. I love the first cemetery shot! very eerie..

    very nice shoot out!!

  7. This is freakin freaky cool! Love the cemetery shots! Lovin this theme, now we might have to do this for Halloweenie Day! *evil grin on the chef's face*

  8. Bwahahahahah I loved it what fun!! That picture with the gousty looking thing in the background...yikes kinda scary!! Whoot wonderful dark side hon, Sarah

  9. Was for sure the dark side. Great post. Great photos.

  10. I think you really got the theme with that Stunning Moon Shot. Great ShootOut post. I have a little Darkside humor goin on in Texas...come visit my first ShootOut Post. Sure enjoyed yours....Sue

  11. Hmmm. Eerie. You never cease to surprise me.

  12. Chilling! I think you did a wonderful job and you chose some outstanding locations for your shoot. I love the photo of the graveyard.

  13. Wow, that was really good! It was quite creepy.


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