Sunday, November 29, 2009


Not much stops me in my tracks. But a certain heart specialist managed it on Wednesday.

I could say I hadn't recovered my breath after walking uphill on the treadmill, wires hanging from vital places, for what seemed like ages but was probably only a few minutes. And that would be true.

Imagine it. A heart specialist has you in this vulnerable position and you wait to hear whether or not you are long for this mortal coil, feeling, quite honestly like the next breath might be your last. He places the results of your treadmill labours on the table, picks up a pen to use as a pointer, you lower your eyes to the results expecting a dire explanation of the wiggles and squiggles.

And he says, "So what's on your Bucket List?"

And looks at you quizzically with gentle blue eyes. "Have you seen the movie?" he asks.
I nod
"Great movie, isn't it?"
I nod again.
"So do you have a Bucket list?' he asks again.

Somehow I manage to stammer out something about the West Indies Cricket Tour and he asks, "Anything else?"

I think I managed to say something about South America, grandchildren.

But my poor brain couldn't cope with all that was happening in there at once.... heart specialist, treadmill, pounding heart, oh shit, results, Bucket List, oh shit, things must be bad, oh shit....

And then he goes back to the business in hand and explains the results of my test. I think I vaguely understand and I DID clarify that I will have time to have a bucket list "as long as your arm". I'll wait for my doctor to receive the specialist's report, then go see him for an explanation.

What is still bothering me is why did this intelligent man (he's got to be, he's a heart specialist, for heaven's sake) think that was an appropriate time to make small talk and enquire about a Bucket List.

Had he just seen the movie the night before? (That's my number one logical explanation)
Had he no idea how a person might interpret that question?
Has he the most outlandish sense of humour? (Can you imagine his thinking, Yeah, it's been a boring morning, I'll try the Bucket List one on this one!)


  1. I cheated, I asked my dsughter law student what's a bucket list, she didn't know. I checked google. '

    Then I remembered, we used to use the term, KICK THE BUCKET"

    Your specialist is a A*****, if you see him again, tell him I said that, and very strongly too. talk of bedside manners!!!!!

  2. I didn't feel that strongly about it, Ann. The more I think about it, the funnier it becomes. If my doctor, or anyone else asked me the same question I'd be happy to discuss my Bucket List and ask about theirs. But, to be honest, it was the last thing I expected from a heart specialist!
    To clarify for you what is meant by a Bucket List visit:

  3. Oh geesh Pauline just reading him saying that to you got my heart racing so I can just imagine how you felt!!! Not good bedside manner in my opinion but glad to hear it sound as though you are going to be OK.


    That is SOOOOOOOO outrageously silly.

    A sicko. Make sure you tell your own doctor.

    I have a bucket list myself ... *smile* xxxxx

  5. Glad you are going to be around for a while longer. You are sure he was the specialist and not a porter having a laugh.
    Now you know you have some time to enjoy this world look out for errant buses.

  6. Hello Pauline, Gosh this man had you running on a treadmill and asking you silly questions, it is amazing what we do for our health!!!!

  7. Yes, my heart started racing a little too, thought there was bad news coming. What a do-do the doc is.

  8. He must have been off sick the day "bedside manner" was discussed in class. How bizarre.

  9. I also had to Google Bucket List but I'd love to know how he would have proceded if you had said you hadn't seen the movie and could he explain what he meant?

  10. Probably trying to give you a heart attack so he'd have an interesting morning.

    Sounds like it nearly worked!


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